Want to know what makes ZURU so unique
and exciting? Get to know us a little
Want to know what makes ZURU so
unique and exciting? Get to know us
a little better.
BEHIND THE SCENES                        

Originating in Cambridge, New Zealand, the Mowbray siblings began ZURU as kids themselves by selling self-designed hot-air balloon kits in thier neighborhood. Fast-forward over a decade, and combine this with vision, passion and tenacity and ZURU is now a global powerhouse. Our new-age manufacturing capabilities and product development techniques has fuelled exponential growth. The Mowbray siblings still play pivotal roles in the company today and inspire every employee to push the boundaries of what's possible.

No day at ZURU is ever the same. There is always new challenges and opportunities around every corner. So get to know us a little better, meet our ever growing team and get a sneak peak at our 18 offices across the globe.