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Sparkle Girlz Bake Off Doll Set by ZURU

ZURU Sparkle Girlz Bake Off is here! The ultimate baking set with so many different ways to make, create and play. Become the ultimate baker by mixing and making sweet treats in your Sparkle Girlz kitchen with your doll. To make a create awesome shapes from toy dough, make sure you use your cookie cutters too! So much fun to have with the Sparkle Girlz Bake Off Set.


• Sparkle Girlz doll

• x4 Play dough pots

• x3 Cookie cutters, Rolling pin, pastry cutter, icing tube

• Rolling pin, baking utensils, ingredient boxes, oven mit, cupcake tin, mixing bowl

• x3 real recipes


1x Sparkle Girlz 10.5" Doll, 1x Removable Outfit, 1x Apron, 1x Bakers Hat, 1x Pair of Shoes, 4x Toy Doughs, 1x Kitchen set, 1x Rolling Pin, 1x Spatula, 1x Spinning Mixing Bowl, 1x Cupcake Tray, 1x Oven Mit, 3x Toy Dough Cookie Cutters, 1x Toy Dough Rolling Pin, 1x Cake Decorator Mold, 1x Toy Dough Cutter, 1x Icing Tube, 3x Icing Tube Toppers,



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