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Robo Alive Rampaging Raptor Dinosaur Toy by ZURU

ZURU’s new Robo Alive Rampaging Raptor runs and bites like a real dinosaur! With a super realistic design, fast clawing movements and advanced robotic technology, this Raptor outruns all other predators. Don’t let it catch you and beware of the Surprise Dino Slime inside! It’s more than alive – It’s Robo Alive!


• REALISTIC RAPTOR MOVEMENTS: This raptor runs at rapid speed and bites like a real dinosaur! With real looking eyes and fast clawing movements this Raptor really comes alive!

• NEW SURPRISE DINO SLIME: Open your Dino Egg to discover the Surprise Dino Slime inside! It’s glow in the dark and there are some gross surprises hiding inside…. What will you discover?!

• ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: Robo Alive’s advanced technology brings this Raptor to life! Combining high quality technology with a realistic design, this Raptor really comes to life!

• PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Rampaging Raptor, 1 x Surprise Dino Slime Egg, 1 x Instruction Booklet

• ROBO ALIVE: Robo Alive features functioning robotic pets, that move and act like they're real! They're more than alive - they're Robo Alive!


1 x Rampaging Raptor, 1 x Surprise Dino Slime Egg, 1 x Instruction Booklet



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  • very cute
    2021-01-11 by Rob
    runs on 2 AAA batteries but it's really cute. the slime is messy though
  • Nice little toy
    2020-12-30 by Mary
    Nice little toy. Nothing I would buy again throw!!
  • Is it supposed to make noise?
    2020-12-26 by TripletMom
    I bought 3 diff ones for my triplets for xmas. didn't realize this one doesn't make noise and the other 2 do. Is it supposed to???
  • Fun toy
    2020-09-20 by Jami
    Entertaining for sure! Batteries do not last long, but I expect that. This is our 3rd robo alive product and it is fun for a toddler... decent price for a fun toy.
  • Fun toy
    2020-09-11 by Kimberly
    Terrific for Kids that love Dinos
  • Very cool Raptor
    2020-09-07 by Angie
    This is a fun little toy. He's part of a collection so I look Thor 2 picking out a couple more that I like as gifts for my grandsons. he runs all over the place and constantly chomps. I think he will be a big hit with the boys.
  • Such a great toy
    2020-09-05 by Flnfrmheaven
    This is awesome! I have a Dino loving girl and we have a lot of smaller dinosaurs but they don't make any noises, so these make it so much more realistic. Details are amazing, and she really loves the colors!
  • Fastest Raptor, ever!
    2020-09-02 by kyuzon
    So cool. These Robo Alive toys has not disappointed us so far! Kiddo was amazed at how fast the raptor is. With a bonus slime and bugs! Very affordable!
  • 2020-08-24 by Ash
    This is a really cool toy, a little bigger than I was expecting from the picture
  • Move with speed
    2020-08-24 by Cee
    Fun little toy for my Dino obsessed little boy! This is our first raptor toy and it was fun for it to truly move with speed! The battery life lasted a long while and kept my son busy!
  • nice toy and very affordable
    2020-08-22 by lavangbay
    cool toy, very good price for this toy set, for about $10, this dinosaur actually animates when you inserted the AA batteries and turn it on.
  • nice sturdy toy and great price
    2020-08-12 by Rlpsr69
    very sturdy and well made .. comes with an egg of slime. . . Christmas present but we always check them out first ... price is great on this item .. it runs pretty fast and sure to be a hit ...
  • So awesome dino !!
    2020-08-12 by Indah
    The moment my daughter sees it, it cant be apart from her , the roaring and stomping around the house. And of couse as she discover the slime She spends house playing with it
  • Great price, did not disappoint.
    2020-08-08 by Steff
    This is a huge hit in my household. Requires 2 AAA batteries, and is easy to operate, just insert batteries and flip the switch and the Dino jumps into action. This works very well on smooth surfaces such as tile, wood and concrete. The Raptor moves effortly, with its arms also moving, and its mouth chomping. When the raptor runs into things it usually changes direction, but sometimes it can get stuck on uneven surfaces or debris on the floor. The price point on this toy is simply amazing, and a fraction of the cost id expect to pay for the technology and craftsmanship. The included egg was also a huge hit, and the boys loved the glow in the dark slime. This is our first Robo Alive purchase, and definitely not our last. We look forward to trying the other toys in the series, as soon as they boys earn their monthly allowance.
  • So much fun!
    2020-08-06 by aneely0717
    My toddler loves this donosaur. Its made to be played with and had held up to him chasing it around.