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X-Shot Excel Vigilante Foam Dart Blaster (24Darts) by ZURU

The X-Shot Vigilante features twin barrels, wicked style, pump action handle and a quick fire mechanism, that allows it to shoot from up to 55ft away!


• VIGILANTE: The X-Shot Vigilante's pump action handle and quick fire mechanism sees the blaster capable of shooting up to 27 metres / 90 feet ; CRACK AND LOAD FUNCTION: Break N' load to target your opponents with this extremely powerful weapon! Also comes with back-loading mag.

• CRACK AND LOAD FUNCTION: Break N' load to target your opponents with this extremely powerful weapon! Also comes with back-loading mag.



1x X-Shot Vigilante Blaster ; 24x X-Shot Foam Darts;



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  • 2020-12-24 by bikersquid
    This thing is just super fun to play with. I have tons of blasters but I reach for this as a plinker often. The break barrel and pump action is so cool. Very intuitive to fire from the hip.
  • 2020-07-23 by E D
    Powerful Shotgun to add to the inventory for family Nurf wars.
  • 2020-06-23 by Robin branch
    My son loves this gun. And he has not broken it yet?
  • 2020-05-25 by Tammy D.
    Very powerful-left bruises down my brothers’ backs. Just be careful when shooting. Great quality and my brothers love it.
  • 2020-03-14 by Matt
    If your kids love NERF guns but you dont love the price get you one of these bad boys! Literally the same thing for a fraction of the cost
  • 2020-01-02 by Cff
    Nice nerf. Can shoot open or closed barrel.
  • 2019-12-26 by Thomas
    Pros:•very accurate•shoots at least 80ftcompatible with regular nerf bullets•just like if nerf created a shotgun•great qualityCons:•the light blue additional part does not come apart from the gun•to shoot you HAVE to load the two bullets, if not the gun will not shoot, so if you are loading only one bullet, it wont shoot
  • 2019-11-19 by Kayaker
    My favorite so far
  • 2019-09-15 by Leland Schulz
    Looks like nerf has ripped us off for years - this is way better
  • 2019-06-20 by Blake Williams
    As advertised
  • 2019-04-17 by Mark MasakiTop Contr
    My ProChrono Digital chronograph measured the speed of the darts fired by this stock Zuru X-shot Vigilante blaster at an average of 82 feet per second (FPS) using Nerf Elite darts (yes, apparently X-shot altered the measurements to consider the cross-compatibility of Nerf darts to fit well in this newer model Vigilante, and it is capable of shooting any standard Nerf Elite darts; blue, green, white, orange, Starwars themed, Accustrike, and decorated Rebelle darts). The standard average velocity of a Nerf Elite blaster is 70 FPS, so this Zuru X-shot blaster is noticeably stronger than most stock Nerf blasters. Keep in mind that this rating is with the barrel drag that comes with having a long barrel, meaning that it is slightly stronger without it. Like the previous model of the Vigilante, you can actually shoot darts without the barrel by pressing the orange barrel release button located at the back of the blaster. I have found the barrel drag accounts for only a few FPS lost (averaging 85 FPS with the barrels broken down), so the ranges will not show any visually noticeable differences (with the exception of you looking awkward shooting a blaster that is bent in half). One particular issue that it has inherited from it’s predecessor is the fact that you cannot tell which barrel is going to fire next just by looking at the blaster. This is because the rotating mechanism inside the blaster switches between barrels each time it is fired. If you are in a rush to fire off a shot and quickly, put one dart in and then pull the trigger, you have a 50% chance that it won’t fire anything. So unless you are paying attention to which barrel fired last (the top or the bottom), it becomes a guessing game. The draw weight of the shotgun priming handle might be harder for younger users to pull back, but personally, I feel it is worth the higher FPS. If anyone cared to notice, the Vigilante’s trigger looks more like the trigger of a firearm than most other blaster triggers. The ergonomics of the handle is outstanding, and it has retained the styled angle of the pistol grip of it’s predecessor but immensely improved on the ergonomics. This time, it’s curvature and shape was actually designed with the human hand in mind. The shoulder stock was somewhat of an improvement in that it has holes to hold 8 extra darts, but it makes a loud snap when you fold it out that sounds like you are breaking it. Likewise, it collapses with a loud “clack” if you put any pressure on it with your shoulder. It is obviously not designed to brace yourself with, which is okay since toy blasters do not have any recoil, and the alternative function of holding extra ammo in the 8 designated holes that it has in it is a welcomed feature. There is a tactical rail on the top of the blaster that you can fit Nerf attachments on if you have them, but it does not have the necessary divot to keep it from sliding back and forth. You also have to twist and pull the Nerf attachment to get it off, but at least the attachment will not fall off the blaster while moving around. In conclusion, this upgrade to the old school Vigilante shotgun blaster should be very well received by customers. It is entertaining and fun to use due to the stronger FPS rating and the fine attention to detail that this new generation of X-shot blasters delivers. Due to the low dart capacity (2 shots), frequent reload times (after 2 shots), and Darts Per Second (2 DPS+front-loader reload times+frequent reloads necessary), I obviously cannot recommend this for serious Foam-blasting competition, but to play around with this boom-stick is very entertaining, and so I can wholeheartedly recommend this product for kids (and even adults) who are fond of shotguns. After all, it shoots further than the average Nerf blaster using the exact same darts for a fraction of the cost. Yes, please! If X-shot could find a way to load darts tip-first into the broken down barrels (maybe make it horizontally sitting tubes) that would be the only improvement I could think of that would make this blaster just perfect.
  • 2019-03-24 by Zuru Customer
    I really like the design. I love how the bearrel drops down similar to the hawkeye. The distance when fired is great. Its going to be fun doing my own paint job. Love it