Welcome to the magical world of Sparkle Girlz!

ZURU is spreading fun, fantasy and fashion in the doll aisle with Sparkle Girlz. Build your very own magical Sparkle World filled with fairies, princesses, mermaids, unicorns and so much more!

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Princess Penelope Panache was born in the Kingdom of Sparklelot. Her beaming smile and sweet words encourage people to rise and shine everyday, no matter the situation. She is a true Princess who is loved by everyone in Sparkle Heart. And of course, wearing fabulous gems and lots of bling brightens any dull day!
Penelope Panache
A true professional in all she does, Anastasia Twinkle performs her pirouettes for the guests of the Twinkle Toe Ballroom. How could you not love dancing when a ballerina’s tutu has so much Sparkle!? Hard work and persistence mean that all those in Sparkle Heart gaze with admiration at Anastasia’s beauty and grace.
Anastasia Twinkle
Bella Blossom lives in Firefly Forest with her best friend Felicity Flutterby. These two make the perfect pair. Whilst Felicity fearlessly flys by, always exploring, Bella never forgets to slow down and smell the flowers. Her gentle care for each living creature brings inspires kindness. Bella believes that all things have a time and season, she is the best at being patient.
Bella Blossom
Brilliant, beautiful and bold is exactly what Victoria Bright is. Nothing is impossible and imagination can unlock a world of color! She is the keeper of Unicornia and spends her time prancing on clouds with her friends. She knows everything about unicorns and can answer any question about them! Victoria loves leaving treasure at the end of all rainbows for others to find!
Victoria Bright
With wind under her wings, Felicity Flutterby is the best explorer to have by your side! The world is a little more sparkly when you watch it from above. Finding the adventure in each new place is Felicity’s forte. She knows no fear and is not afraid to step outside of Firefly Forest. She is always excited to discover new friends and faces.
Felicity Flutterby
If you want to make a new friend, just dive into the shimmering waters of Sparkle Heart Cove. That’s where you will find Merry-Anne Perrywinkle the most playful and beautiful Mermaid to ever blow bubbles! Her epic adventures mean she always has a funny TAIL to tell. Oh, and if a girl needs pearls, she’s got your back!
Merry-Anne Periwinkle
Surprise, surprise there are two! Penelope’s best friend and Twinster is Crystal Cassidy. Winter is Cassidy’s favorite season. There’s no such thing as a cold and blustery day if you know just how to play! There is always a chance to warm people’s hearts. Everyone knows Crystal’s creative hands love building magnificent ice castles.
Cassidy Crystal

Sparkle Girlz RC Car

Get the whole Sparkle squad ready to go cruising in the ultimate party on wheels. The Sparkle Girlz RC car comes with a magical wand for controlling it’s 360 degree movements and has space for 2 dolls to hop in and go for a ride.

Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princesses

The Sparkle Girlz Unicorn Princess Dolls are always ready for an adventure. Their royal outfits are full of shimmer, shine and lots of unicorn magic. These colorful royals love rainbow style, including their long locks that you can brush and style, don’t forget their crowns!

Sparkle Girlz Winter Princesses

Sparkle Girlz Winter Princesses are the frosty fashionistas with warm hearts! These glam girls are always ready for the winter ball with their elegant outfits and long hair to brush and style.

Sparkle Girlz Princesses

The Sparkle Girlz Princesses are classic cuties with so much style. Waltz into the sparkle kingdom where they rule with kindness, compassion and fashion! Brush her long her and even swap their outfits around for a whole new look.

Sparkle Girlz Fairy Princesses

The Sparkle Girlz Fairy Princesses are equal parts sparkle and sass. With their glittery fairy wings, these gorgoeus babes are always ready to fly into an adventure with friends. These fashionable fairies are dressed to impress with glittery outfits and even a little fairy magic streak in their hair.

Sparkle Girlz Hair Dreams

Big hair, don’t care! Sparkle Girlz Hair Dreams dolls are all about big hair and funky fashion. These glittery divas love getting dressed up and styling their long locks into the cutest hairdos! Big bouncy curls or long wavy locks, there’s no limit to how these dolls can be styled. Unbox 5 hidden surprises to style these cuties and get them totally glam!