Global award-winning toy manufacturer, ZURU, has unveiled two new additions to its ROBO ALIVE portfolio. Utilising pioneering robotic technology, the Attacking T- REX and Super-Fast, Super-Scary Spider will be available from July 2018.

Based on real-life creatures, ZURU’s ROBO ALIVE brand currently includes best-seller, ROBOFISH, followed more recently by snakes and lizards. Using robotic enhanced motion sensors, ZURU’s design team exerted extensive paleontological and arachnological research to create realistic characteristics while retaining an affordable option within the tech toys market.

ROBO ALIVE’s Attacking T-REX walks like the real thing, is available in two colours and its mouth opens to roar and bite – fundamental features reminiscent of one of the most popular and well-represented dinosaurs. The new ROBO ALIVE Spider also scurries realistically and includes the authentic colourings and markings of a Black Widow.

‘The development of the new dinosaur and spider models have been introduced to further grow the ROBO ALIVE brand’, said Renee Lee Global Marketing Manager, ZURU. ‘Each of our ROBO ALIVE categories offer our customers innovative and value- driven lines while realising consumer demand for even more exciting and appealing creatures – pre-historic or otherwise!’

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