Leading international toy and consumer products company, ZURUTM, announced today the launch of innovative new products and a global marketing campaign for the company’s award-winning X-ShotTM foam dart blaster toy line in an effort to become a top contender in the foam dart blaster category.

The digital-focused global campaign kicked off in July to promote the full rebranding and improved performance of current models as well as the launch of exciting new products. Popular YouTube channel, Corridor Digital, will host a number of online content featuring new X-Shot blasters launching this year, including the X-Shot Turbo Advance with a rotating 40-dart barrel; the X-Shot Flying Bug Attack with accurate foam blasters, flying targets and a motorized launcher; the X-Shot Regenerator with over 1,000 possible combinations; and the X-Shot Kickback and Reflex 6 – a great value pack!

The new line will also be promoted by a new influencer network called “The X-Shot League” to actively engage with their key audience. These influencers will not only review current blasters but will also be supplied with blasters prior their launch dates to create excitement within the community. Another core element of the X-Shot rebrand is highlighting fans using the #UpYourGame hashtag, and the brand new interactive consumer website and content collaborations will be a big part of this campaign.

Renee Lee, Global Marketing Manager for ZURU, explains, “X-Shot has become a major player in the foam dart blaster category through innovative product and strong marketing. We have completely revamped our X-Shot foam dart blasters line with a new and sophisticated look while ensuring we maintain our brand quality and continue to be the best value in market for consumers and retailers alike. And we are making every effort to reach our core audience and fans through influencers that are experts in this category.”

X-Shot is now the fastest growing non-licensed brand in the category. ZURU anticipates shipping over 40 million X-ShotTM blasters worldwide in 2018.

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Up your game with ZURU’s new X-ShotTM Flying Bug Attack! X-Shot Bug Attack is the innovation line, take down real flying targets with the phenomenal Swarm Seeker blaster. Load up the foam darts into the auto-sliding side clip, place the flying bugs onto the motorised launcher, press down to release them into the air, take aim – and FIRE!

The Flying Bug Attack range includes two awesome sets! The single pack comes complete with Swarm Seeker, motorised launcher, two flying bugs, dart clip, and 12 reuseable foam darts (RRP: £19.99). Throw down the gauntlet and challenge friends to an X-Shot dual with the Swarm Seeker two-pack (RRP: £29.99). Including two Swarm Seekers, motorised launcher, two dart clips, three flying bugs, and 24 reuseable foam darts, prepare for double the trouble.

And no need to worry if the bugs ever escape or your darts go AWOL – the X-Shot Bug Attack accessories range includes a Swarm Attack pack, included 2 Flying bugs (RRP: £ 4.99)

In addition of Flying bug Attack in 2018, X-Shot will introduce revamped and new blasters in new colors and competitive pricing. This includes the new and improved Regenerator(RRP: £34.99), Turbo Advance (RRP: £29.99) and New-Vigilante(RRP: £12.99). All ZURU’s X-Shot blasters have been re-engineered to shoot 10 feet further and with more darts in each pack, allowing ZURU to continue to offer truly unbeatable value to consumers.

The X-Shot Flying Bugs Attack and the Xshot full range is available from all major retailers.

Website: http://x-shot.zuru.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZURU.XSHOT/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zuru.xshot/?hl=en


ZURU, the leading, award-winning designer and producer of toys and consumer goods, today announced that U.S. Customs has recently seized more than 10,000 knockoffs of its best-selling Bunch O BalloonsTM product. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers were conducting inspections at the Long Beach port of entry when they detained the goods. Bunch O Balloons has been among the best-selling toys in the United States for the last three years. The seizures are the result of ZURU’s successful collaboration with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement to enforce its intellectual property rights and swiftly identify counterfeit goods and prevent them from entering the United States.

Anna Mowbray, ZURU’s COO, states that, “Stopping counterfeit and knockoff goods at the border gives us an effective way to enforce our rights and ensure that low-grade copies do not make their way into the hands of consumers.” She continues, “Protecting our intellectual property and inventions is critical in making sure that our products are not undercut by cheap, low-quality knock-offs. ZURU works with legitimate patent and other IP holders to provide a platform for true inventions to make their way into market and to be respected. Customs enforcement is one of many strategies we employ as a part of our worldwide strike against counterfeiters.”

ZURU aggressively pursues all types of counterfeits and knock-offs and takes all available measures to make sure that its intellectual property rights are protected. In addition to working with Customs agents around the world, ZURU vigorously defends its products against counterfeiters already on the market and on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Taobao. In November last year, ZURU prevailed in a patent infringement action related to Bunch O Balloons in the United States and was awarded damages in excess of USD 12m.

ZURU has seen international success since the launch of the original Bunch O Balloons product, shipping more than 3 Billion balloons last year worldwide and winning the 2017 Outdoor Toy of the Year in the U.S., the 2016 Australian Toy of The Year and the 2016 Nuremburg Toy Award.